Post-Race Party / Shirts / Numbers

Nasties - Wednesday, we'll have a nice easy Riverside run.  (Run #6 at the bottom.) 4.55 miles

4 Announcements:

First, and most important: East Nasty Post-1/2 Marathon Extravaganzathon Party at Micah Puncochar's!    622 McFerrin.  If you have ever run the extra 2-mile loop on Wednesday night, you have passed Micah's house.    ***The party starts at 7:00, everybody needs to bring a snack and we are asking a $5 donation if you are planning on enjoying adult beverages.

Second, and almost as important, shirts are in!  They are $20.  I'll have them on Wednesday, if you cannot get your shirt at that time, you need to head over to Fleet Feet.

Third, there are several people who, for whatever reason, cannot run the race.  Purchasing a number right now would cost you upwards of $100 and there are no refunds,  so buying someone elses number would save you (and them) a lot of money.

Here is the stupid part: No one else can pick up your number - so even if you sell your number to another participant, you must pick it up yourself. In fact, even if you are planning on running the race - but for some reason cannot make it to the expo, no one else can pick up your number.

If you would like to sell your number, or if you are looking for a number, post a comment below.  Hopefully, we can facilitate this process.

Last - Right now inaugural ENOW Chuck Hargrove is running the Boston Marathon He ran 1:49 for the first 1/2, and is charging toward the finish as I write.  (Ryan Hall also finished 3rd overall with a time of 2:09.40, but who cares about that guy!)

See you on Wednessday.