Matt Poag

There aren’t many people that are faster than Mark Miller.  But Matt Poag is.  Mark even says so.  Need proof?  Here, I’ll give you a direct quote: “Matt is faster than I am.” At least when it comes to sprinting.

Growing up here in Nashville, Matt was always the fastest kid in his class.  When his family would take trips to the beach, his dad would bet other kids – innocent, unsuspecting strangers – that his son could beat them in a race.  A few minutes later and $2 richer, the Poags would go on their merry way.

While attending Christ Presbyterian Academy in high school, Matt competed in the decathlon – and was the AAU National Champion.  Cue the confetti, people – that’s no small feat.  As a sprinter, he ran for Auburn University and made it to the SEC Championship his sophomore year – but injuries sustained during his junior and senior years slowed him down.  Something about a stress fracture in an ankle, and hyper-extending a knee while hurdling?  Yeesh.

After college, Matt and his high-school-sweetheart-turned-college-sweetheart-turned-wife, Ann-Haley, settled in East Nashville, despite their families’ warnings that “they find dead people in Shelby Park.”

Now, for the shout-outs. Matt credits Mark Miller with helping him make the transformation from sprinter to distance runner, and has since run the Country Music Half-Marathon twice.  This year, his third, you will find him alongside his most consistent running buddies, Drew Jones and Rob Bauchiero.  Hey guys!  Also, he and Ann-Haley are expecting their first baby in October.

Finally, I will conclude with this: the guy is super classy.  Badmitton?  Cornhole?  It matters not.  Matt will don that wife-beater and SCHOOL you.



-Annie P.

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