Julie Hackbarth

You know how in high school, there was that one really cool girl on the guy’s soccer team? Julie Hackbarth was kind of like that girl. Except instead of “kind of like,” let’s just say “actually.” Because in high school, Julie Hackbarth was the only girl on the guy’s soccer team. And she didn’t just play. She earned a spot on the men’s All-District team her senior year… a girl among guys, a rose among thorns – but not afraid to slide-tackle.



After graduating high school in Jamestown, TN, Julie attended Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, where (in addition to various people remembering her as “that girl from the Jamestown guy’s soccer team!”) she studied Management Information Systems.

That means that now, she’s a software developer.

And what does THAT mean? That means that she works for a small company called EFC Systems, and just finished her first project as team leader: a complete software redesign for Faulkner University in Alabama. It took them a year and a half, which is longer than it takes to grow a HUMAN LIFE. So I’m pretty sure it’s a sweet system.

Julie started running for stress relief several years ago, and joined up with the East Nasties after meeting some of our fine folks at the Blue Ridge Relay last fall – in which she ran 39 of her team’s 208 miles. For her first half-marathon, her goal was simply to finish (check) – and her second, to finish under 2 hours (check check). This year will be her third Country Music Half-Marathon – and surely, she will improve upon her time from last year’s race. Running with the East Nasties has pushed her and challenged her, and she believes that everyone can constantly be improving, no matter what level one has reached.

So Mark and Aman, you may be fast - but that's no excuse to be lazy, boys.

When she’s not running, she’s wakeboarding, visiting her niece, or hanging with her Great Dane, Martini.

-Annie P.

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