Aman Khapoya



Aman is convinced that as soon as you learn that he’s an engineer, you’re going to get bored and stop reading. Trust me, you do not want to stop reading.

For starters, Aman was born in a far off, distant land called Kenya. See? ALREADY INTERESTING! His father is Kenyan, and his mother is Indian, although she grew up in Kenya. However, his parents didn’t meet until they were both international students at Oregon State University – they had to travel around the globe to meet each other. See? SERENDIPITY! Someone write a book about them.

When Aman was a baby, his family moved to Michigan, where his sister was born and they were raised. In high school, he ran track and cross-country, his main events being the mile and the 2-mile. When people hear that he is half Kenyan and assume that he must be very fast, he is quick to point out that he descends from a lowland tribe that herds goats and grows sugar cane and are not racers. Except that he once ran the mile in 4:40. So he obviously has no idea what he is talking about.

Gaining his undergrad and masters degrees in engineering at Dartmouth, Aman participated in the building of a race car – which foreshadowed a 5 year stint at Ford in Detroit. However, after earning his MBA at Harvard, he was recruited by Nissan, and moved to Nashville 7 months ago… where he met Mark Miller at a party and bam – started running with the East Nasties. Interestingly, the upcoming half-marathon will be Aman’s first organized race since high school.

And finally. When Aman was in 5th grade (circa 1987), he was in a TV show out of Detroit. They had a glorious 7-episode run before the plug was pulled – obviously, not taking into account Aman’s astonishing acting chops. If anyone can tell him the name of the show, he will buy you a 6-pack.

Ready, go.

-Annie P.

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