Leigh Ann Polsgrove



When two of her male colleagues were asked to describe Leigh Ann Polsgrove, one said “stubborn.”  The other said “hot.”  Both are totally true.

This Memphis-bred beauty got her nursing degree at UT Knoxville before beginning her career as a traveling nurse.  First stop?  Hawaii.  Next stop?  Nashville – where she immediately began running with the East Nasties.

Never having been a runner before, Leigh Ann took to racing like a fish to water, like a bird to the air, like a slug to wet pavement.  Now with two Nashville half-marathons under her belt, she completed her first full marathon in Memphis in December, and participated in the Blue Ridge Relay last fall.  To call her “stubborn” is an accurate description; Mark Miller says that Leigh Ann has the ability and the desire to run long distances - and that when she wills herself to do something, she makes it happen.

Oh yeah, and she has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

As a pediatric nurse, Leigh Ann has been holding a position at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for over 2 years – but in a matter of hours, all of that will change.  Tomorrow, Leigh Ann is leaving for Guatemala, where she will work at an orphanage for 6 months, focusing on agriculture.  Though she will be taking a break from nursing, English, electricity, and running, she will surely have no shortage of adventures.

And it’s a good thing that she’s leaving tomorrow, because after what I’m about to tell you, she’s going to need some space: Leigh Ann has no cartilage in her nose.  If you squeeze it (which I totally did, at her invitation), it feels like a hollow plastic grape.  Try it sometime…

Run, Leigh Ann, run... and come back to us safely!

-Annie P.