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1/2 Marathon Training Plans

Our kick-off meeting went great yesterday.  It looks like we will have a good mix of Novice, Intermediate and Advanced runners.  There are even a couple of run/walkers who are going to join the East Nasty crew! If you did not get a training plan, they are posted here - (you can print them using your browser's print function):




(Thanks Polly for posting these!)

NOTE:  The 1/2 marathon is expensive this year, and come January 1 it gets even more expansive!  Right now it's $80.  January 1 it goes to $90 and at the expo it's $125.  Sign up soon!

PS  You'll notice there are some categories at the bottom of this web site.  I will categorize all of these in the 1/2 marathon category - and all the Wednesday night runs will be their own category.