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Sunday 3-29-09 Nutrition and Yoga

There are several great things going on this Sunday for the Nasties: 1. We should have some samples of the men's and women's "East Nasty for Life '09" shirts.

The women's shirts will be coral, the men's will be tank green, and they'll be $20 a piece.  Notice the retail price is $35!  Thanks to Fleet Feet and our local Sugoi rep (and fellow East Nasty) Travis Werts for getting us a great deal! (The shirts will have the East Nasty logo on the front and Fleet Feet on the back.  You will be shocked at how many cat-calls you will receive during the race if you are wearing an East Nasty shirt...or if you are running next to LaMont when he's not wearing his East Nasty shirt)

NOTE: We will be ordering shirts on Monday of next week.  If you are not coming this Sunday, contact Drew Jones at Fleet Feet or post a comment here to place your order.

2. We are running the course again.

Here is the plan...Run the course until you get back to the round-about.  (From Belmont, down 16th), go straight through the round-about down 16th to West End.  Turn left on West End and run back to Centennial Park.  11.3 miles total.

3. Bring $2 or $3 this Sunday.

This is a long run.  We will have fluids at Belmont, but Fleet Feet will also provide many different nutritional product for $1 a piece: Gels, Beans or Shots.


For those of you who are new to endurance sports, if you are exercising for over 90 minutes you need to replace fluids and calories.  Since eating is hard to do while running, there are products out there that are easy to consume.  Examples are Jelly Belly sport beans (i.e. jelly beans), cliff shot bloks (i.e. gummy blocks), and Powergels and Gu (i.e. flavored vasoline).  Each of these have 100-200 calories per serving, but the consistency varies.  Since most of us will need to take in some calories during the race, we are going to practice this Sunday.  Drew Jones,(for those who don't know Drew, he is Rod "Fabulicious" Jones' brother) will be bringing a variety of products for $1 a piece, so you can try various ones to see what settles with you the best.

4. Post-Run Yoga.

This one is weather dependent, but post-run, Leah from Kali Yuga Yoga will be leading us through another Yoga session.  It's going to be outside in Centennial Park, and should start about 11:15.

5. Yoga announcement #2.

At 6:30 on Friday, April 3rd there is a yoga for runners class being offered at Kali Yuga Yuga.  They are only asking for a donation, but you will need to call to reserve a spot!  Click on their website above and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

See you on Sunday!