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Wednesday Night Run: Feb. 2nd

ENFL  !!!! That's right - I am starting off the blog with that wonderful chant this week.  For those of you who may have been living under a rock for the past 2 years - those four letters are short for East Nasty For Life.  East Nasty continues to grow each week in both numbers and clout.  Now I may be a little biased but in my opinion East Nasty is the best running group in the continental U.S. and over the next couple of weeks and months you are going to see some proof.  There will be more time for that down the road though. For now lets focus on the present.  Tomorrow we will be running route #5 which takes us into downtown Nashville for a bit and it is a favorite route of many of the nasties.  So please plan on joining us for a run tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. rain or shine.

KIPP donations

We are still collecting clothes for the KIPP track team.  They are looking mainly for clothes the kids can wear during practice. Any clothes that you have for running outside and are willing to donate please bring with you tomorrow night.  They will take anything they can get - shirts, shorts, pants, gloves, socks, sports bras, etc ... - This a great time to clean out your closet anyway so get to it and donate some clothes you never wear anymore.  And yes they are taking cotton clothing as well.

Speed Sessions

Would you like to improve your speed or become a more efficient runner?  Well if you can run 2 mies without stopping then this is just the thing for you.  Fleet Feet Sports has both winter and summer speed session programs.  Starting February 15th, winter speed sessions will begin.  Speed sessions are coached by THE Mark Miller and yours truly, Drew Jones.  Speed sessions last for 10 weeks and consist of interval workouts every Tuesday morning and evening.  Fleet Feet speed sessions has become very popular over the years.  Winter speed sessions are more geared towards those training for a half or full marathon.  However, speed sessions is open to all runners of all levels.  As Mark and I tell people each year, if you come out to speed sessions and do 10 weeks of interval training, it is pretty much impossible to not be a faster runner at the end.  You can sign up for Fleet Feet winter speed sessions at Please feel free to contact Mark or myself with any questions you may have about speed sessions.

Thought of the week

To go along with last week's thought, which was try to run slower sometimes, my thought this week is this.  Make sure your running is filled with variety.  Runs can be slow, long, short, fast, flat, hilly, roads, trails, or even the occasional treadmill.  Our bodies are very smart.  If you do all your runs at the same place and at the same pace, your fitness level will plateau very quickly.  One of the best things we can do for our bodies as runners is mix it up.  The more our body is guessing, the more fitness gains we can make.  There are many east nasties that run fast every Wednesday.  There are also east nasties that run slow and easy each week.  Our routes change from week to week.  Changing our pace and effort levels we run at each week is a good idea.  In other words, try to change up your running like JP Cowan changes his blazers... plenty of options :-)

See everyone tomorrow night -


Wednesday Night Run: Jan. 26th

Hello there East Nasty - Man is the winter weather getting old or what ? We have been battling the elements for most of 2011 and I am ready for some sunshine. Just in case you have not heard it before though - East Nasty runs on Wednesday night rain or shine, snow or ice, wind or thunder. No matter what the conditions are we will be out at 11th and holly every Wednesday night around 6:00 so come join the fun. This week we are running route #4. It's always good to check out the link before hand especially if you are new.

Clothing Donations for KIPP

The KIPP Academy is getting ready to start up their track season and they need our help again this year. Please see the following note below from our very own Jenny Dew who is a coach for the Kipp track team.

Calling all East Nasty’s!

KIPP Academy Nashville’s track season is just around the corner. We want to hit ‘em up with a T-shirt drive!  EN did such a great job last season with monetary donations for uniforms. This season, the KIPP runners are in need of practice attire. A lot of the kids have to work-out in their “going to school clothes”.  So, we are hoping you avid runners and gear purchasers can dig into your closets and find running garments you no longer wear or are getting tired of seeing. We get so many race shirts and order so many EN shirts each season, surely there are some extra pieces out there?!?


-KIPP has both boys and girls of all shapes and sizes

-Cotton may be rotten, but you can still work-out in it!

-KIPP needs Winter and Spring season clothes

-Bring your donations this WEDNESDAY (1/26/11)

-Any of the following (cotton or technical) would be great:






long sleeves


sports bras

You can learn more about KIPP Academy Nashville’s mission go to

Thought of the week:

If you have been a runner for more than 6 months you have probably already been injured. If you have been running for a while then you have probably been injured several times. Why is it that injuries just seem to be a part of running? Well there are several reasons why runners get injured. But having been around runners every day of my life for the past 3 or 4 years my opinion is that it all comes down to one word OVERUSE. Whether its running to fast, running to far, or running to many miles a week. Your body is very smart and if you do to much or more than its ready to handle you will get to enter the world known as "injured". I heard a quote once that I have remembered over the years it says  "For a runner, the hardest thing possible is not training for a marathon --- The hardest thing is being injured and NOT being able to train for a marathon."  How true that is. So my thought/suggestion of the week is this: Run slow, run short, take a day off, get more sleep, replace a run with a walk ----- when it comes to running sometimes Less truly is More :-)

ENFL !!!!!!


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