Wednesday Oct 3 - Back at One


Welcome to the fall quarter of East Nasty! Brian McKnight reminds us "If ever I believe my work is done, then I'll start back at one." So after crushing The Nasty last Wednesday, we start our cycle of 12 runs all over again this week with Route #1. Board members leading this quarter of Wednesday nights are Kevin Howard, Donica Elliot, and President Jeremy Taylor. Look for them each week making announcements and getting the run going. With the days growing shorter, it's time to start wearing lighted and reflective gear on our evening runs.

Route #1

Back to the beginning of our 12 week cycle with Route #1: One Hilly 5(ish)K. (It’s actually not quite a 5K, but just 3 miles. Thus the “ish”) We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine. This is a great week to invite someone new! If you do, encourage them to READ HERE for info on how our Wednesday night runs work. Remember to park smart - don't leave anything valuable in your car, don't block any driveways, or park too close to fire hydrants or corners.  After the run, it should be a great night to recover with...

Pint Night at NRC!

It’s the first Wednesday of the month – which means it’s Pint Night at Nashville Running Company! Free beer and 10% off everything in the store located at 820 Woodland Street. There's often some cool vendors set up there with info and/or treats, too.

Cup Cleaning Raffle

We will have our Q3 Summer Quarter Cup Cleaning Volunteer Raffle before the run this Wednesday. Our Fall Quarter Volunteer Raffle sign up is open and we need volunteers! Volunteer to help wash the cups!Everyone that signs up for a week to clean the cups will be entered to win $100 gift card to NRC. The more you volunteer, the more chances you get to win. We will draw a winner at the end of every quarter – so you have a 1-in-13 chance to win if you volunteer, a 2-in-13 chance if you volunteer twice, etc. Big thanks to Schaffer Law Firm for sponsoring this program! Here’s how it works: 1) Sign up on the Google doc. 2) Take the cups home. 3) Wash them. 4) Post a pic on social media showing you washed them and tag our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter. 5) Bring the cups back to the run the next week.

Doing Your Part

As we start a new season, It's important to remember that running with 200 people is different than running on your own. We need you to pay attention during our brief announcements. We need to you to be safe, courteous, and MINDFUL during the run. Leave one ear open if you run with headphones. Run on the sidewalks or to the far left side of the road - never in the middle of the road. Cross the street only in crosswalks and intersections - never in the middle of the road. Stop at stoplights and to slow down and use caution at intersections. Be respectful and courteous to other runners, cyclists, and motorists that we share the road with. We need you to do these things for your safety, the safety of your fellow runners, and to help the club maintain its mission of being a positive force in the community and not a burden to it. Our club's safety, reputation, and standing in the community is a responsibility you share in. If you see someone out of line on the run - call them out on it! Veterans, remember that new people are looking to you - be mindful of that and set a good example.

East Nasty is a 100% volunteer run group. No one gets paid. We are all here for the same reasons you are. To have fun, stay active, and get in a great run with friends. We love our neighborhood, and we exist to make East Nashville a great place to live and run, and to make running accessible to everyone in our community. We must each do our part. ENFL!