Wednesday May 2 - Rest and Recover

Rest and Recover

Congrats to all of you who ran the St Jude Rock n Roll Nashville Half Marathon! or the Full! And how about that cheer station and party? It was a great weekend! Now it's time to take a well needed rest. But resting doesn't mean doing nothing. In fact, unless you have an injury, active recovery is better than passive recovery. Active recovery = super easy exercise (i.e. 60 - 70% of your max heart rate, light cross training, etc.) Also, a good rule of thumb is to take 1 recovery day for every 2 km of racing. For half marathoners, that means a good 10 days of easy exercise, for marathoners it's more like 3 weeks.

Route #4

This week we head back into Shelby Park for Route #4: The Big Shelby Loop. 99% percent of the time we need you to run on the left side of the road against traffic, but on this route it’s safer to run on the right side on Davidson Street once you’re in the park. When you make the right turn from Davidson to head up the Sevier/Naval hill, get back over to the left side of the road. The East Nashville Farmers Market starts up this week and we run right past it on this route – please be extra courteous and share the roads and greenway with the families and kids that will be out there. It is important for us to be good neighbors so we can continue to use the park.

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group.

NRC Pint Night will be back next week.

Potato to Tomato 2018

Coming later this week - details on our 2018 summer couch to 5K program!

10 Years of Wednesday Nights

And don't forget to mark your calendar for our 10 Year Wednesday Night Anniversary Run on June 20th!