Wednesday Feb 28 - End of the Shortest Month

Route #9

This week is Route #9: Nissan Stadium – home to your Tennessee Titans! Please be sure to cross 10th street at the crosswalk at 10th & Fatherland. The increase in construction and parking on 10th has made visibility much more difficult – so we need you to be sure to use the crosswalk and absolutely not cross in the middle of the road. Check out the route map on Strava:

We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine, hot or cold. You can READ HERE for more details on how our Wednesday night runs work. If you are a run/walker and/or want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join our Lasty Nasty Group. Remember we share the roads with walkers, cyclists, and cars – please help us be good neighbors!

No long run this weekend!

Our Half Marathon training group will not be meeting this Saturday. But this is not just a week off - we are encouraging everyone to race! Many of you guys may be running the Tom King Half or 5K, but whatever the distance, it doesn't matter, just get out there and test your fitness. Our next organized long run will be March 10th.

Call for New Board Member Candidates

East Nasty Running Club is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and is governed by a Board of Directors. We are a ‘working board’ – meaning we are the hands and feet that make everything happen. Wednesday night runs, finances, party/event planning, fundraising, social media, merch and gear, etc are all decided upon, managed, operated, and executed by members of the Board. We are issuing a call for new Board Members and opening a candidate application process. 

Interested? Read the detailed post here, and if you feel that serving East Nasty as a Board Member is something that may eb a good fit for you, then fill out the online form.

If you’re looking for a lower commitment way to get involved with East Nasty, we always have plenty of areas where we need volunteers. Check out Volunteer Page for more info!