Wednesday May 3 - Rest & Recover, Clean Up & Give Back

Rest and Recover

Congrats to all of you who ran the full or half marathon! And how about that cheer station and party? It was a great weekend! Now it's time to take a well needed rest. But resting doesn't mean doing nothing. In fact, unless you have an injury, active recovery is better than passive recovery. Active recovery = super easy exercise (i.e. 60 - 70% of your max heart rate, light cross training, etc.) Also, a good rule of thumb is to take 1 recovery day for every 2 km of racing. For half marathoners, that means a good 10 days of easy exercise, for marathoners it's more like 3 weeks.

Route #7

This Wednesday we are skipping ahead to run Route #7: Little Hollywood. (More on why below.) We meet at the corner of 11th & Holly at 6pm. We run every Wednesday – rain or shine. If you are a run/walker and want to get a head start, meet at 5:45pm and join the Lasty Nasties. You can read here for more info on how our Wednesday night runs work.

Community focus is the foundation that Mark Miller built this group upon - a passion to be good citizens in our neighborhood and great advocates for the running community. This mindset is what I think distinguishes East Nasty from other running groups. So what does that mean? After a short run tonight we’re going to give back to the neighborhood that has been so good to us!

Community Clean Up

After our short run tonight, everyone needs to get into groups of 2-3, grab some bags and gloves and go pick up trash! This is one way that East Nasty gives back to our great community. And all you need to bring is a willing spirit. We will give you gloves, trash bags, and a map that highlights your section of the neighborhood to clean. This should only eat into about 15 minutes of our post-run fun!  As you are cleaning, specifically look for empty Gu packets, crushed cups and other things that are often left behind after a marathon. We picked a shorter route for tonight so that we will have plenty of time for an easy run and the clean up project. The more help we have, the faster it will go! Even if you're not running tonight, please come help - a brisk walk while picking up trash is good active recovery :) 

Pint Night & Trail Sisters

Then after the clean up project, head over to NRC for monthly Pint Night and their Trail Sisters Event. Lee won't tap the keg until the clean up effort is complete - so the sooner we finish, the sooner we drink. During Pint Night, the Trail Sisters will host a 30 minute presentation and meet/greet on camaraderie, empowerment, safety, and motivation. There will be time for a Q&A along with a raffle for prizes from Julbo, Pro-Tec Athletics, Vasque Footwear, Trail Butter, and Flora!

NRC is also continuing their demo of Salomon road shoes again this week. Get over there before the run to do wear test.

lululemon Thursday Event

Did you enjoy having the lululemon #thetesttruck out at East Nasty a couple weeks ago? They are making one more appearance in Nashville - Thursday evening at 5pm at Bearded Iris Taproom in East Germantown. Get details on the Facebook Event page here: The More Than Miles Tour Grande Finale Party

Potato to Tomato 2017

Coming soon - details on our 2017 summer couch to 5K program!