Wednesday, March 30

Route #1

We are back at route #1.   6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Route #1


Sidewalks & More

We spent a lot of blog-time last year talking improving the pedestrian / bicycle / automobile interactions in East Nashville.   This is an important and hot topic in the city right now, and here are a couple of ways that you can get involved:

1. Give the City Some Input...

Nashville is looking to improve the walk and bike-ability of the city.   One thing they have been doing is asking for input.   If you are interested in making this city a better place to walk and bike, take some time to add some feedback here.   Obviously there is no guarantee that your suggestions will be addressed, but this is an easy way to have some influence on the future of our neighborhoods!

 2. Run to 3 Crow for a beer...

Transit Now Nashville, a local nonprofit focused on mass transit improvement and utilization, has challenged us to a race.  This Friday, April 1, to kick off the annual 30 Days of Transit, Transit Now will be hosting a multi-modal Transit Race from Music City Central downtown to your home watering hole, Three Crow.  The race will include bus riders, runners, car drivers and bikers.  Transit Now is inviting you to come out and be part of the running contingent.  The race kicks off downtown at 4:45 (meet at Music City Central Bay 17).  There will be beer drinking (obviously) and much celebration at Three Crow following the race.  Free beer for racers and prizes for the winners.  Register using this EventBrite:

Thursday & Saturday

Our Thursday night workout is on, 6 pm at 11th and Holly.    And for our long run on Saturday we are meeting at the Kohl's trailhead to run the Stones River Greenway.   Come join us!   7:30 am for the marathoners and 8:00 for the half marathoners.

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