Wednesday March 23 - The Nasty

The Nasty Our signature run. 6 miles, 7 hills and your first chance of 2016 to earn a sticker.

6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.   If you are a run/walker and/or think you need a little head start, check out the Lasty Nasty Facebook page - as they will start this run early.

Stick around afterwards as Ragnar and Team Green will have a photo booth at 3 Crow Bar...

Newton Wear Test

Show up at NRC before the Wednesday run if you want to try a pair of Newton's for the nasty.

Thursday Workouts

Come back Thursday night for a track workout.   Even if you haven't been coming on Thursdays, feel free to join us.

Saturday Long Run

This Saturday we will be meeting at Nissan Stadium - 7 am for full marathoners and 8 am for half marathoners.   This is a long one!   We'll be running up to 23 miles for the full group and up to 16 for the half.

Wednesday RunsMark