Wednesday 11/25

Pre-Thanksgiving Run..

We usually have a smaller crowd on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so we get to run one of our old routes....  This week we are going to run Benji.


If you have run up 14th street recently, we need to stay to run on the left side of 14th, and that will allow you to cross over Eastland in the crosswalk.   Now that is a busy intersection, so be courteous to cars - which means that we need to stop and let cars go...

Thanksgiving Morning Run

If your not sure what to do Thanksgiving morning, but want to burn off some calories before the eating begins, you need to read below...

The Riverside Screw is a group run in East Nashville on Thanksgiving morning. Parking is available in Shelby Park under the railroad bridge near the entrance of Shelby Bottoms Greenway. Meet there at 7:50 AM. We will walk to Riverside using the new Shelby Bottoms trailhead. Run starts at 8 AM. We will run along Riverside to McGavock Pike and back (about 5 miles). This is an out-and-back fun run, so feel free to turn around whenever you want. This will be hilly. If you want flat, this is not the run for you. This is NOT a closed course. Obey all traffic signs. Runner assumes all liability.

If you can't join us tonight or Thursday morning, have a fantastic holiday and we will see you next Wednesday!

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