Wednesday, June 3: P2T, Used Shoes, Route #10

Being Good Neighbors... Do you have any idea what your privileges and responsibilities are as a pedestrian?   If a tree in your yard is blocking a stop sign at an intersection are you responsible?   Are cars supposed to stop at a marked cross walk even if there isn't a signal?

Nashville is both trying to become a pedestrian friendly city and solve its traffic issues - all while the population is exploding.  This seems to be an impossible task, but I don't think it is, and all of us want both issues to be solved:  we don't want to sit in traffic, and we want to be able to walk around safely in our neighborhoods.  That is why for the next 12 weeks, we have decided that we are going to educate ourselves (and in turn our blog readers) about being responsible drivers and pedestrians.   Our goal is to improve the driving/walking culture of East Nashville through education rather than enforcement.  (Because, yes. Cars legally must stop if there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk.)

Obviously in a short blog post we cannot exhaustively cover any particular issue, offer legal advice, or really resolve any of these complex issues.   But stay tuned over the summer because the best place to start is by educating ourselves so we can become advocates and examples.

Potato To Tomato 2015

Attention East Nasties!
Our FREE, fabulous and famous Potato to Tomato Couch to 5K program begins soon!  You know all those friends who say,"I could never run"? Here's your chance to prove them wrong.
The informational meeting about our Potato to Tomato program is this Thursday June 4th at 6pm at the Margaret Maddox YMCA.  Encourage your family and friends to come to hear more about the program that would change the way they think about what is possible about them and running.
NEW THIS SUMMER - Running sounds a bit more than they want to tackle? This year we are offering a speed walking group to our program!!!
If you can't make the meeting, or if you want to pass this along to a friend, click here for more information and to register for the program.
For the past 4 years, East Nasty has collected used running shoes and found them a new home.    Please bring your WASHED shoes and place them in designated bins before Wednesday night’s run. Please no trail shoes or shoes that have holes or heavy damage to the soles.   We will also be collecting shoes next week.

Route #10

Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. or Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

If you missed this run last time, you certainly missed something.   And that something would be Lenore street.   After the run it's down to NRC for pint night!   This week's pint night will feature injury screenings from Results Physiotherapy!

Route #10: The Electric Slide

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