Wednesday, May 27

Potato to Tomato 2015 Nobody really finds distance running on their own.  What I mean is that very few people wake up one day saying, "hey, I want to run long distances..."   Usually we are cajoled into running by a coach, a teacher, a friend or a parent.   Sometimes running was a necessary evil to be a part of a team sport, or to lose weight.    But after a while running gets under your skin as you experience the fitness, the accomplishment and the community that comes along with distance running.    Now it's your turn to be that person who introduces someone to running...

Every year we have a free couch to 5k program to help non-runners become runners.   Our goal race is the East Tomato 5k in August, so we call our program Potato to Tomato.   Our program has been extremely successful because we meet 3 times per week for 8 weeks, and have over 30 volunteer coaches.   The information/registration page is up and active.  (It's a tab at the top of our main page).   Pass the link on to anyway who is looking to add running to their lives, or if you need a group to help you get going again, sign up yourself!   Our first training session is June 13, so don't delay.

Route #9

6 am or 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.   Remember, if you are a Lasty Nasty (a run/walker) you need to be ready to roll by 5:45.   (Check out the Lasty Nasty Facebook page for more details.)

It could be raining, and not only do we run in the rain - we love it!    But be extra diligent about safety on rainy nights.

And here's a wet shoe tip: after running in the rain, take the insoles out and fill your shoes up with newspaper.  Cram as much in as your can.  The next morning, your shoes will be bone dry and the newspaper will be soaking wet.

Run #9 LP Field

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