Wednesday, January 14

Route #2: No-Longer-Round-The-Lake

Well, this route needs a new name (and map for that matter).   If you remember, when we enter Shelby Park, we are no longer going down the Lillian Street hill - we are going to take the greenway that runs (basically) parallel to the street.   That means that we won't be going around the lake on this run, but will finish the run as planned.  (We will rejoin this route right before the 2 mile mark.)

Run #2

Saturday Long Run

This Saturday's half marathon training is a 65 or 80 minute long run.   We meet at 8 a.m. by the nature center in Shelby Park.   Everyone is welcome to join us even if you are not training for a race!   (We have a group training for the marathon as well...they meet at the same location but start at 7:30.)

Also, Thursday night workouts return in February!

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