Wednesday, January 7

Our first Wednesday night run of 2015 is going to be freezing...but it will be followed by pint night at NRC. So here are some cold weather running tips:

1) Dress as though you are going for a hike in weather that is 15-20 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature.  So if it is 15 degrees Wednesday night, dress as though you are going for a hike in 30-35 degree weather.

2) Wind changes everything, so wear something wind proof or wear multiple layers.   Wind cannot get through gor-tex or 4 shirts layered on top of each other!

3) Old socks are a perfect substitute for gloves.

4) Wear a hat.

5) Don't wimp out!   Once you get started you will warm up, and you'll feel like a champ for finishing.

As always, we meet every Wednesday at the corner of 11th & Holly in East Nashville at 6pm (and also at 6am for the morning crew).

Cup Volunteers

We needs some volunteers to wash the cups.  If you have never done this before, this is a great/easy way to give back.   Here are some details about what it entails.   If you have done the cups before and are willing to do it again, please consider signing up here!   Thanks.

Run #1: One Hilly 5k

Note: From now on, anytime we are going up/down Lillian Street into the park, we will be using the greenway that runs parallel to the road.   See below.   The portion of the greenway that we will be using is between numbers 1 and 7 in the map below.   In the case of this run, we will be going uphill from #7 to #1.

Shelby Park Map 2

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