Wednesday October 16

"Before 2010 I was concentrating on farming and had never run before.  I had literally never run before.  I was farming maize and tending cows."

If there is any question about the role of genetics in running, that is a quote from Dennis Kimetto, the winner of last Sunday's Chicago marathon.  He ran 2:03:45.    If there is any question of work ethic, below is a typical week of Geoffrey Mutai's marathon training.  (Mutai and Kimetto are training partners, so I am assuming that Kimetto's training is very similar.)

Monday A.M. 2 HR easy run (6:30-8 min./mile) P.M. 1 HR. easy run (6:30-8 min./mile)

Tuesday A.M. 50 min. run (8 min. miles) P.M. Speed Workout: 30 min. warm-up 12x1km intervals (4:50/mile pace) w 1 min. rec.

Wednesday: A.M. 1Hr 50min. run (8min. miles) P.M. 2 HR easy run (8min. miles)

Thursday: A.M. 25 mile run (7:15 min. miles speeding up to 5:35 min. miles)

Friday: A.M. 1Hr 50min. run (8min. miles) P.M. 2 HR easy run (8min. miles)

Saturday: A.M. Speed Workout: 30 min. warm-up 20x2min. intervals @ 5 min. mile with 1 min. rec. 30 min. cooldown

Sunday: Rest

(This works out to over 140 miles per week, running only 6 days a week.  Important side note: this is on hilly dirt roads at 8,000+ feet altitude.)

Speaking of Marathons...

East Nasty's half or full marathon training will start up again in January.   Once again we need your help.  We are going to have long runs on Saturday and Sunday, and Thursday evening workouts.  We need people who (a) would be willing to be a pace leader for the weekend long runs; and (b) a couple of people who are willing to lead the Thursday night workouts.  Please email if you are interested.

Drew's Favorite

6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.   Learn the route and please volunteer to be a pace leader.  This is an easy one.   We need some folks to step up and lead.

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

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