Wednesday September 11: Bring Your Shoes!

The Nasty

6 a.m. or 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.  This is your chance to earn your East Nasty credentials (and a sticker).

The NastyBe sure to check out the Lasty Nasty facebook page if you want to join them.  (They start early on Wednesday nights...if you show up at 6 p.m. they will be gone!)


Bring your old shoes...but clean them first.  If you don't know, East Nasty has been taking old running shoes that have some life left in them and finding them new homes.  We've probably given away close to 1,000 shoes over the last three years.  Almost every single MNPS high school track team has some athletes wearing East Nasty donated shoes, many of our couch-2-5kers wear them, and even some of our regular Wednesday nighters are wearing donated shoes.   Bottom line: dig out any old pairs of running shoes, throw them in the washing machine, bring them tomorrow to the run and leave them with us.

Being Good Neighbors

Occasionally I need to remind the group that there are a lot of us. (obviously)  This is exciting, but it means that we need to be especially cognizant of our surroundings.  Here are three quick of reminders:

1) Leave things better than you found them.  Pick up trash, even if it's not yours.

2) Share the sidewalk.  Watch out for walkers!   Call out "walker up" to let the people behind you know to move to the side.

3) Obey traffic signals.  Pedestrians are not exempt from following the rules of the road.  And remember, people will follow you.  If you sprint across an intersection, chances are that the 15 people behind you will follow!

I Dream of Weenie

Wednesday is I Dream of Weenie night and it will probably be the last one of the summer.   All dogs are $3, and it's BYOB.  (No kidding.  Amazingly enough, you can BYOB!)

Mark your Calendars

The Coalmen are having a CD release party on Wednesday night October 9th!    The venue is right around the corner from our meeting location, so plan on staying after the run to check out their show that night (it's $10).   More details on the way as we get closer to that night.  (If you don't know the Coalmen, you're  missing out and apparently you did not attend the greatest post-marathon party ever...)



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