September 4


Wednesday 6 am or 6pm at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Route #11: Churches

Notice this is a figure 8 route, so there is a chance to quit after 2 miles.  (That makes this a good run for beginners.)   Also for you cyclists out there, coming up Shelby from 5th street is a category 5 climb - enjoy!   Finally, this is route #11, which means that next week is #12....

Pint Night

It's the first Wednesday of the month.  That means that we are all invited over to NRC for a pint of Yazoo post run.

Odds and Ends...

I am reading a book called The Sports Gene by David Epstein.  I know a bunch of you guys out there would love it!  If you are bored and can handle Terry Gross, here is an interview that he did on Fresh Air.

Last week, Heidi Huerta gave us a code for a discount on the heroes in recovery 6k.  Below are the details!  Thanks Heidi.

Here is the link for registration

Use the Code: ENFL2013

There are also going to be some folks from the East Nash Dash with a discount code for their October 4 mile race.




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