Wednesday, April 3

Route #2

Wednesday. 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Round the Lake.  Run #2.

Run #2

Being Good Neighbors

Every so often I think  it is important to remind everyone that running with 220 people is different than running with 5.  And as the days are getting longer and the weather getting nicer, we're going to have bigger crowds.  So keep these things in mind:

(1) Run on the sidewalk, or if that is not possible, on one side of the street.  Do not run more than 2 abreast.

(2) Cross at intersections.  You need to realize that the people behind you will probably follow whatever you do, so if you sprint in front of a passing car, the person behind you might as well!

(3) Speaking of intersections... pause a moment to let cars pass.  Even if you have the right-of-way, but courteous, stop and let a car go through an intersection.  Remember, there is not just one of you...

(4) Bring a change of clothes and enjoy a Wednesday night out in East Nashville!

Pint Night

This week NRC is hosting their monthly pint night.  ALSO, they will have sample sizes of the East Nasty gear to try on before you order.   Remember, if you want a shirt/singlet you must pre-order.  Here is the information about ordering.

Thursday Workout

6 p.m. Thursday April 4.  11th and Holly.

Track Workout.  4 x 1200 meters at 5k race pace, with 400 meter slow jog between repeats.  One reminder: it's pretty much impossible to do a track workout without a stopwatch.  In fact, when you're on the track, I think that a stopwatch is even better than a Garmin.  Bottom line, bring something so that you can time yourself.



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