Easter Weekend Training.

First let's talk about shirts!

We get all kinds of questions about how to get East Nasty gear.  We do usually do three shirts a year: a technical shirt in the spring, a cotton t-shirt around tomato festival, and something in the fall/winter (i.e. long sleeve Lululemon shirt, hoody, etc...)

This spring we are doing Pearl Izumi shirts/singlets.   You do not need to be running the 1/2 marathon to order a shirt as they will not be race specific.   Men have the option of a sleeveless shirt, or a short sleeve shirt.  Women have the option of a singlet or a short sleeve shirt.   Here are more details.

1/2 & Full Marathon Training, March 30/31

Location: Centennial Park

Date/Time: Saturday, March 30 or Sunday March 31 8 a.m. both days

There are several things going on Saturday.

Injury Screening.  This Saturday will be a free injury screening by Leah Sawyer of Results Physiotherapy.  She will be around after the run, and may even make an appearance at the ....

Saturday brunch!  This will be our first ever Saturday morning pot-luck brunch.  Here's how it works: you run, and then you come to brunch. Easy stuff.   Our gracious hosts are Emily Mitchell and Loran Shallenberger who live at 1112 Gartland in East Nashville.    Everyone is welcome, but this only works if you bring something, even if it's just orange juice.  Please sign up for something here and join us on Saturday!

The workout.

This week is our last structured workout.  After this weekend, the rest of the weekend runs will be conversational endurance runs.  Our goal this week is to run 6 or 8 miles at 1 minute per mile slower than your 5k pace, or at your goal pace...which ever one is slower.

This is an important workout for three reasons. (1) It answers the question: are you ready.   (2) This is our first run on the course at a pace close to race effort.  (Going up Demonbreun feels different when you are jogging rather than when you are racing.)  This is a very different course than Tom King for example.   Almost none of this course is flat, so you pace is going to vary a bunch.  On this course you cannot be a slave to the Garmin.  For example, if you want to average 8 minutes per mile, most of the time you will not be running exactly at that pace.  Down the hills you'll run a little bit faster and up the hills you'll be going slower.    (3) It is just a good workout.

Novice: Run 1 - 2 laps of the park.  Run 6 miles on pace (First 4 miles of the course, then right on wedgewood, right on Natchez Trace - back to our meeting location in the park.)  Slowly jog an additional lap of the park to cool down. 8 - 9 miles total.

Intermediate/Advanced: Run 1 - 2  laps of the park.  Run 8 miles on pace: (first 8 miles of the course. The 8 mile mark is right about 14th and Wedgewood), jog back to Centennial. 11 - 12 miles total.

See you this weekend!


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