March 16/17

Week 11

Saturday March 16 / Sunday March 17

Location: Centennial Park.

Time: 8 a.m. for Half-marathoners & marathoners.


Novice: 8 miles.  Just miles.  Run at a pace that is 1:30 to 2:30 slower per mile than your 5k pace.

Intermediate: 11 miles.  Fast Finish.   8 miles at your easy pace - speed up last 3 miles.  How fast?  Your last three miles should be about 1 minute per mile slower than your 5k pace.  So not really "fast" just "faster".

Advanced: 14 miles. Fast Finish.  11 miles at easy pace - speed up last 3 miles.  (see above)


All of us are running on the 1/2 marathon course.  Here is a link to where you can find the printable course map.   (Go down to course information.)

8 miles:  First 5 miles of the course.  Left at Elmwood.  Left on 12th.  Left on Wedgewood.  Stay on Wedgewood (it becomes Blakemore).  Right on Natchez Trace.  Cross West End into Centennial Park.

11 miles: First 8+ miles of the course.  Back to the park via Blakemore and Natchez Trace (read above) + one lap of park.

14 miles: First 10+ miles of the course.  Left on Charlotte.  Turn on 25th.  One lap of park.

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