Wednesday March 13

Shoe Drive

This is the week to bring your old running shoes.  We use these shoes to outfit local high schools, AAU track teams, and even some of your fellow East Nasties.   100% of these shoes find their way back into our local running community.

1) We don't want your lawn mowing shoes, we need running shoes that have some life left.

2) If you are going to bring some shoes on Wednesday, take a moment to throw them in the washing machine, and let them air dry before Wednesday.

3) Our stock of mens shoes is low.  Especially in the size 11 - 13 range.

Wednesday night run

Wednesday, March 13.  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

We're on run #11.   Churches.

Route #11: Churches

You'll notice that Meg Willoughby's map highlights the 11 churches we pass on this figure 8 course.  Take a minute to learn this course so that you can enjoy the architecture while you're out there!

Thursday Workout

Thursday, March 14.  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

This week we are heading back to Shelby Park for a 3 or 6 mile progressive run.  This week we are going to run the first 3 miles at 1 minute per mile slower than 5k pace, and the last 3 miles at 50 seconds slower than 5k pace.  Progressive runs are helpful because this is exactly how you should race a 1/2 or Full marathon.  A lot of people go out fast to give themselves "a buffer" for their goal pace.  Bad bad idea.  You want to be able to finish a half marathon stronger/faster than you started.   The way that you do that is you start out under control...

See you this week!



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