February 6, 2013

Pre Run

This is the last week that we will accept donations for the KIPP academy track team.   So you can bring clothing, shoes or financial donations.  After Wednesday, please send your donation directly to KIPP.  If you need more details (or would like to volunteer to help out) please contact William Quin at wquin@kippacademynashville.org.

The Run

Run #6, one of my favorites.  Map courtesy of Sara Spencer.  6 p.m. Wednesday night at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Run #6: Riverside

Post Run

It's pint night at NRC.   Bring a change of clothes and plan on staying after the run for a beer.   In fact, plan on bringing a change of clothes every week.   One of the great traditions of East Nasty is the post run hang.  3 Crow has 2-4-1 beers, 5 points pizza has pizza by the slice and Far East has great Vietnamese food.   I know it's not quite beer garden weather...well actually it's pretty close!   The point is it's hard to have a conversation during a run.  So this week, grab someone new, escort them down to NRC, and start a new tradition of a Wednesday night out in East Nashville!

Post Post Run (Thursday)

Tempo Running is by far the most important workout that you can do to improve your running.  Tempo running is done at a pace that is 20 - 40 seconds per mile slower than your 5k pace, and/or 90% of your maximum heart rate.   Theoretically, you can run at your tempo pace for an hour under race conditions.

Want to know more?  Show up Thursday at 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.  We'll jog down to LP field, and do our tempo run around the stadium.    These workouts are free and open to everyone.  (Disclaimer: If you cannot run 5 miles without stopping, these workouts may be a little too aggressive for you.  But you are welcome to join us to see...)



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