Percy Warner!

New location for weekend runs!

For the first three weekends of February we will be running in Percy Warner Park.  Same start time (9 a.m.) on either Saturday or Sunday, and the exact meeting location is under the stone gates at the end of Belle Meade Boulevard.

NOTE: There are no bathroom facilities where we meet!

We will be running 70, 80 or 100 minutes at our long pace, which should be conversational. (Or 1:30  - 2:30 per mile slower than 5k time trial.)

We'll be running into the park, so we will encounter some hills, but it is worth it!  The park is beautiful and the trees will partially shelter us from the weather.


One of the best parts of the long run, is the post-run chow down with friends.  Not only is it s good way to replenish, it is an opportunity to meet other runners who are not in your pace group.

On Saturday, some folks are going to head over to the Loveless Cafe post-run.  (And then probably hibernate for the rest of the day!)

On Sunday, Andy Dunn is going to host a pot-luck brunch at his house.  Here is some information including his address, and a food sign up sheet.  Please sign up to bring something!  Andy lives close to Percy Warner, so bring a change of clothes, and don't worry about running home to shower, no one else will!

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