January 9


I am pasting the below paragraphs from our volunteer section...I want to highlight two needs: washing cups and leading routes.  Please read, and help out if possible!

I recently heard about several different models of organizations. There were several bad examples…  One is the bus model – where if the leader is not driving, the bus doesn’t go anywhere. Another is the football model – where 80,000 people all cheer as 22 people work really hard. The organizational metaphor that is optimal is the “body” model. Everyone uses their particular talents to do something, and no one does everything.

While not rocket science, getting 200+ people together every Wednesday for a run does take some coordination. And since no one makes any money, East Nasty relies entirely on volunteers. I’m not saying that everyone has to do something, but there are some areas where we could use some help. There are a lot of special activities and we will recruit your help for those, but here are some ways where we need help every week:

Washing the Cups. The first year that East Nasty existed we probably went through 150+ cups every week. So we decided that we would purchase plastic cups to reduce the amount of trash that we were producing each week. The only challenge is that we have to wash them every week. So we need volunteers to wash the cups.

Here are your responsibilities: 1) Take the cups home. 2) Wash them. 3) Bring them back the next week. Easy stuff. Please sign up for a specific week here.

Lead A Route. One thing that is different about East Nasty is that we have 12 different routes. For those of you who have never done a group run before, this is pretty unique. We also have 8 different pace groups. This is also very unique for a weekly fun run. The challenge is that we need to find leaders for each of those groups each week. This is nothing that you need to sign up for, just learn the routes, find us on Wednesday night, and pick a pace that you are comfortable with.

Wednesday's Run

Run #2.  Thanks to Meg Willoughby for the great design!

Run #2

Thursday's Workout

Are you ready to move your running to a new level?  Do you need to shake up your run routine?  Then Thursday night workouts are for you.  Thursday nights at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly we will meet for a variety of running workouts:  hills, tempo runs, marathon goal pace runs, and track workouts.

This week, we are jogging down to the pedestrian bridge and running either 4 or 6 "short" (~60 seconds) hills.   Everyone is welcome to join us (even if you're not training for the 1/2 marathon) but there is one caveat: you need to be able to run 5 miles without stopping.   If you are not to this level, these workouts will be a little too aggressive.

All of the various workouts are listed on our 1/2 marathon training plan.  Valisa Thayer and Michaela Poizner will be in charge on Thursday night. Contact them for more information at michaela.poizner@gmail.com or valisa.berber.thayer@gmail.com.

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