Lots of great stuff this week.

Christmas Party

We are having our annual Christmas Party after the run this Wednesday.  It will be hosted by Phil and Gretchen Zimmerman who live at 1306 Woodland.   To get there, just walk down to 3 Crow, turn right on Woodland, pass NRC and a block later you'll be at their house.  We'll have Christmas music, food and beer.   Everyone is welcome.  Don't be shy, this is a great chance to meet your fellow East Nasties.

We need you to bring $5 and a bowl and spoon.  The $5 is for us to pay for our yearly insurance, the bowl and spoon are so we don't throw away 200+ bowls.  (We will have extras if you forget...)   We will also have about 75 of our training logs available for $5 a piece.  They are sweet.  Of course, if you forget your $5, or just can't afford it - no worries, just show up and enjoy a night with friends.


At the Christmas party, you will have a chance to sample Magut's new energy bars.  Wednesday night, he'll be available to answer your questions, or for more details, check out his kickstarter here.

12/12/12 promo

Do not sign up for the country music half or full marathon...until Wednesday.   The competitor group is having their biggest promotion of the year.  This deal will not be replicated so don't go to bed that night until you sign up!

Speaking of which, we've posted most of the details of our 1/2 and full marathon training.  We'll have the training plans attached soon.

The route

We are on run #11.   This is a figure 8 route (sort of), so there is an opportunity to run the full 4.4 miles or you could cut it short at 2.1.

See you on Wednesday.


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