December 5

The Run

This week we are enjoying run #10, Benji.  This takes us to a great part of East Nashville (the other side of Eastland), but we have to navigate a couple of tricky intersections.  Please check out the map, and pay attention to the route leader!

As always we meet at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Christmas Party

Next week, 12/12/12, is our annual Christmas Party .  What a perfect day for a holiday party.  Not only is it the last of the triple dates for a long while, it still leaves us 9 days to visit loved ones before the world ends.  (Even though those crazy Mayans are backtracking and saying that 12/21/12 is going to be some sort of spiritual transformation and not actually the end of the world.)

The party will be at Phil & Gretchen Zimmerman's house which is at 1306 Woodland, (basically across the street from MadDonnas).  Everyone is welcome, so even if you aren't running that night - you are invited to come.  We'll have soup, beer and holiday music.  We need you to bring $5 and a bowl and spoon.  East Nasty has no membership fees, and we do not charge for any of our runs or training programs.  But since we are part of the Road Runners Club of America, we have to pay membership dues to maintain our insurance.  That's what the $5 is for.  The bowl and spoon are for your soup - because we don't want to throw away 200 plastic bowls.

If you are willing to part with $10, we have about 80 copies of the 2013 East Nasty training log for sale.  It is amazing...

1/2 Marathon / Full Marathon Training

If you are planning on running the Country Music Full or half marathon this year, plan on training with us.  The training is free, and we'll have Saturday or Sunday morning long runs, and Thursday night workouts.  (As well as our normal Wednesday night run.)



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