Wednesday July 18th

Walking Bridge Route

This Wednesday we are running one of our most popular routes: #5 - the Walking Bridge! It’s basically a giant rectangle that takes us over the pedestrian bridge, up first (or third) avenue and back over on the Woodland street bridge. Please check out the map of the route and be ready to volunteer as a pace group leader - we need some NEW people to step up and help us out. And, of course, stay out of the middle of the road.

Our morning run meets at 5:50am and promptly starts at 6am. Our evening run meets at 6pm and usually gets going by 6:18pm. Both runs meet at our usual spot at 11th & Holly.

Looks like it may be another hot one tomorrow with a heat index in the upper 90s. Here is a good article from Runner’s World that covers the seriousness of running in the heat. Check it out. Please be safe out there, hydrate all day before the run, don’t push yourself too hard, and let any runners around you know if you are feeling bad.

Lärabar Treats!

Our old friend Annie Parsons sent some tasty treats for us this Wednesday night! Here's a note from her:

Hey East Nasties,

It's your resident West Nasty here.  I work out in Denver for LÄRABAR, which is, in my opinion, the greatest little fruit & nut bar on the planet – and I’ve sent some LÄRA-love your way.  Show up at the run Wednesday night to try a sample or two, and find your favorite flavor.  Mine is Peanut Butter & Jelly.  :)

And if you’re looking for an excuse to come to Colorado (which everyone should be), we’re hosting the first-ever LÄRABAR Up & Running Half Marathon with 5K and Kids 1K on August 18th in Denver.  Come on out – you can sleep on my couch and breathe no humidity.

-Annie P.

Personally, i'm pretty excited about trying the Blueberry Muffin.

August Races

We have 2 big races coming up in the month of August. Our homecoming race, the East Nashville Tomato 5K, is on August 11th. It's a challenging race, but always a great time. Not only will the Potato to Tomato group be out there running their first 5K race, but we always have a huge turnout of East Nasties. We pretty much take over the whole thing. Which one of you will bring home a trophy? Be sure to get registered ASAP. We will have more details soon about other ways we will need your help that day at the Tomato Fest. The next week will be the Music City Mile on the evening of August 16th. East Nasty is actually the beneficiary of this race - so be sure yo get signed up and help support our mission and vision. Looks like there are some great prizes and it's sure to be a fantastic evening of great races!

ENFL! - Duane