Wednesday July 11th

Hello everyone! We have finally received a little break from the summer heat so hopefully everyone will be back out tonight for a run down into Shelby park. Last Wednesday landed on a holiday but we still had over 40 nasties show up and run downtown to show a little patriotism.

The Run

Tonight we will be running Route #4 which takes us down into Shelby and back out. Typically Shelby park is where a lot of people think it is ok to run in the middle of the road. IT IS NOT! Get on one side of the road and stay there please. As always we will need some Pace Leaders tonight. Finding people to volunteer for this is a pain in the ass - we have over 200 runners show up and we only need 7 or 8 pace leaders. This should not be a difficult thing but every week it is. Please take a look at the map of the route and show up ready to volunteer and be a Samaritan. :-) As always we meet at 6pm at 11th & Holly.

Upcoming Races

We have 2 big races coming up in the month of August. The East Nashville Tomato 5k is on August 11th and the Music City Mile is on August 16th. East Nasty will be a sponsor and will be heavily involved in both races. Please go ahead and mark your calenders so you can plan to participate in both races. We will have more information on these races here on the website so please check back each week.

See you tonight. ENFL! - Drew

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