Wednesday June 20th, 2012

Hello and a Happy East Nasty Wednesday to you. Tonight we our back to the start of our routes and will be running route #1. Last week was a great turnout for the "nasty," however we had several people running in the middle of the road at different times during the route. This is something that we simply can NOT do. Our group is very big and often times we are running in places where there is lots of traffic and we have to do a good job of sharing the road with cars during our runs. So as stated MANY MANY times before. Run on the sidewalk or the far LEFT hand side of the road and stop at all intersections to let cars go when needed. We will need some pace leaders for our run tonight so please find me before the run and I will get you a sign.

Summer Speed Sessions

Have you ever thought to yourself - I really wish I had the chance to see more of Mark and Drew during the week ?  The answer is probably yes - well I have good news for you. Mark and I will be coaching the Fleet Feet summer speed sessions program starting on Tuesday June 26th. We will meet at Christ Presbyterian Academy at 6:00 am and Franklin Road Academy at 6:00 pm. You can come to whatever one fits your schedule best each week. Summer speed sessions is great for those of you who are wanting to improve your 5k or 10k times. Doing interval training on a track is also just a better way to become a more efficient runner. If you have any questions please see one of us after the run. Mark and I have been coaching speed workouts for over 5 years now and we are here to help.

It is going to be a little toasty out there tonight but do not let the heat keep you away. Come out and join us for a 3 mile run down into shelby park and back then make your way down to 3 crow and reward yourself with some DRANKS !


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