I know a lot of parents have to decide who gets to run with us on Wednesday night, now we have a solution... Have you ever wondered what that yellow house is at the corner of 11th and Holly where we meet?  Well, it is owned by the YMCA, and from there they run a program called ArtEmbrace.   They promote art education to elementary and middle school students, especially at schools where those programs have been dropped.  Well, they are excited to offer art classes for East Nasty children on Wednesday nights!   Here are the details:

Where: The Yellow House

What:  Art skills/projects for children taught by various local artists

When: Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Who: Kids age 5 and up

How much: $15 (this goes to pay the artist and for supplies...)

We are going to try this for 8 weeks starting this Wednesday, June 20.  If there is enough interest, it may be a permanent offering, and the price could be reduced..

If you are interested, you need to call or email Leslie Gregg.  She can answer any questions and may be able to work with kids that are younger than 5.  Also, space is limited, so you will need to reserve a spot.

Leslie Gregg -  Or 615.256.9622 ext 72555.

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