Wednesday, May 9

Only a quick few things to share this week...

Wednesday Night Run

We are running Route #7: Little Hollywood this week. A nice easy 3.2 miles through a fun part of the neighborhood. As usual, we meet at 6pm at 11th & Holly.

Last week was a great start to our new streamlined process. Let's keep that momentum going! Please help us continue to get things moving along on Wednesday nights - find your pace group before the annoucements begin, or better yet, volunteer to be a pace group leader. It's easy and we need volunteers each and every week. All you have to do is: 1) learn the route, and 2) run approximately at the pace you select. A little slower is fine, faster is not. The purpose is more about keeping people from getting lost, not to maintain the strictest pace.

Again, here is the plan for Wednesday nights:

1.  We are going to shorten announcements, and have them start right at 6:10.  Which mean you guys need to read the blog!

2. All 3 sub-8 minute pace groups will leave at the same time.  We will still have three pace leaders, but all three groups will leave at once.

3. We will have all the pace leaders up front right at 6, so people can line up in their groups BEFORE the announcements.  This step REALLY requires your help.  Over the last couple of months the real bottle neck to getting the run started has been finding pace leader volunteers. We need you to come to us and volunteer. Look for the person with the pace signs, and go grab one.

Summer Couch-to-5K

We're still ironing out plans for our Summer Couch-to-5K program - look for details soon. Also, new shirts for summer are on the horizon.

Weeekend Runs

While there are currently no 'official' East Nasty runs on the weekend, there are lots smaller groups of people who have been making their own plans. Ask around on Wednesday nights and find one if you want to run on the weekends, or check our Facebook page. If you are hosting a run on the weekends (or any other time), please feel free to post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page and invite others along.

See you tonight! - Duane

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