Wednesday March 7th

Wednesday Night Run

This Wednesday is Route #10: Benji. This is one of the routes where we cross Eastland ...twice. Both times are going to be at the busy corner of 14th and Eastland - make sure that you cross with care at the intersection. You want to run against traffic on Eastland, so be sure to cross the street at 14th before turning right onto Eastland so you can run on the other side. As always, we meet at the corner of 11th and Holly at 6 p.m.  (Be excited: more light starting next week!

Afterwards, Nashville Running Company is once again hosting their monthly Pint Night. Stop by the store after the run for some complimentary Yazoo brew.

Also, this week is the last week that we have someone signed up to clean the cups. Here is the volunteer sheet - please sign up to take a week!

Extra Mileage on Wednesday Nights

A decent percentage of runners on Wednesday nights run more than the designated route. Many people run 2 extra miles at 5:40ish, while some add two miles after they finish the route. Either way, if you are looking to add-on some additional miles, show up and let people know! Similarly, if you are one of those people who run extra miles before or after, announce it to the group and invite new folks to join in.

Thursday Night Workout

Long hills week #2. These workouts are hard, but give you amazing returns on your efforts. Meet Thursday, at the corner of 11th and Holly at 6 p.m. If you can run 5 miles, we will scale the workout to your ability!

Tom King Weekend

If you are running in the Tom King - good luck! If you are not running, you need to be at the East Nasty water stop. Since the course is an out and back, our water stop is both the first and the last water station. (Mile 1 and Mile 12)  We are located right under the interstate on Davidson. Here is how you get there from the interstate: get off on Shelby Ave, turn right on 5th, drive to Davidson, park. Get out of your car, walk to Davidson and turn right. You should see/hear us from there. We need people in two shifts: between 7 and 8:30. Then between 9 and 11.

In all seriousness, putting on races is difficult and this is one way that we can give back to the running community that has influenced so many of our lives. Please make an effort to come out and join us. It really is a lot of fun. If you have any questions, email Drew Jones at

Note: the 1/2 marathon is sold out, so let's get out there and have a great water stop!

See you on Wednesday.


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