Tempo Miles... March 4

Sunday March 4 - Tempo Miles

Where: Shelby Park - by the nature center

When: Sunday, March 4, 9 a.m.

What: Tempo Miles.

Novice: 15 minutes easy + 6 x (1 mile tempo + 1 minute walk/jog) + 10 minute easy

Intermediate: 15 minutes easy + 6 x (1 mile tempo + 1 minute rest) + 15 minutes easy

Advanced: 15 minutes easy + 8 x (1 mile tempo + 1 minute rest) + 20 minutes easy

Doing tempo intervals rather than steady state tempo runs has pros and con.  First, the con: it trains you to expect breaks during a race, which hopefully you will not be taking during the Country Music 1/2 or full.   The pros: it allows you to keep a faster pace than you would be able to without breaks - and it is not as taxing on your body as an 8 mile steady state tempo run.  (Which we will do on April 1...)

This is also a good week to practice negative splitting.   That means that our first mile should be our slowest and our last should be our fastest.   As far as our pace goes, start at about 40 seconds per mile slower than your time trial pace, and finish about 20 seconds per mile slower than your TT pace.  (Heart rate - 85% - 90% of your max...)

For planning purposes, starting next week we will be heading over to Centennial Park for three weeks.

Brunch is Back!

After the workout it's time to head over to Duane's for brunch!  It's only about a mile from the park, so no excuse.  The food is great, but at the end of the day it's a great time to really connect with your fellow East Nasties.  Everyone is welcome, especially if you are new to the group, or even new to town.  Check out the details here and sign up to bring something.

Tom King Water Stop

Next weekend, you have three options: (1) run the Tom King half or 5k, (2) help out with the East Nasty Tom King water stop or (3) give birth (this option applies to only a select few people...)

Everything we do at East Nasty is free, and we just ask that you guys give back once in a while.  One of the ways that we give back to the running community is to work a water stop.   But believe me, this is not your typical water stop...I guarantee that you will have a good time.  Next week we will have more details - but please pencil this Saturday morning activity into your schedule!

Friday night

Finally, remember that our good friend Kevin Kaz is hosting his second annual Funky Umbrella party at 3rd and Lindsey tonight starting at 9:30.  The Jones Brothers Experience will be the emcees.

See you Sunday.