December 7th, 2011

You know that winter has arrived when the forecast includes "a sleet/snow mix".  But don't let falling temperatures scare you away from running.  It is actually easier/safer to run in the cold than in the heat.  Just wear two layers, a hat, gloves and reflective gear!  My rule of thumb is to dress as though you are taking a hike in weather that is 20 degrees warmer than the current temperature.  For example, if it is 40 degrees, dress like you are hiking in 60 degree weather.  You may be a little chilly at the start, but once you get going you'll be perfect. Christmas Party

Now on to more important matters...

December 14th is our annual Christmas Party.  It's hosted by Phil and Gretchen Zimmerman and we want everyone to be there.  1306 Woodland.  It is one of the best ways to get to know more of the nasties.  Here is what you need to do: come.  And then bring a bowl and spoon and $5.    The bowl and spoon is because we'll have lots of soup - and we don't want to throw away 100 plastic bowls.  The $5 is so that we can renew our RRCA club dues.

Also if you would be willing to bring a side or dessert, please sign up here.

The 1/2 Marathon

Once again, for 2012, East Nasty will offer free 1/2 marathon training.  Mark your calendars for December 18th.  (Sunday)  On that morning, we will have a run/information meeting at 9 am at the new Nashville Running Company.   It is not required, but it's a great way to start the training.  That morning we'll go for a short run, and then talk through the various training programs.   Feel free to email me if you have any questions.  (If you can't make this meeting, just show up at 9am January 8th outside the nature center in Shelby Park.)

I wish he went to my school...

How about a 17 year old Ethiopian kid running 1:43 in the 800 en route to beating the world champion.... Hard to believe.  Enjoy this article.

Run #4 this week.  Check it out and please volunteer to be a pace leader!

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