October 12th - 2011

Hello and a happy East Nasty Wednesday to you. Today we will be running route #9 " LP field ". The run will take us around The Titans stadium and back to the east side. Please check out the course map on the right side of the page by clicking on the link. So I know this is going to sound like a broken record to those of you who read this blog on a regular basis but - We have got to do a better job of staying out of the road. Last week was horrible. People were running in the road the entire route and runners often times were on both sides of the road. This can't continue to happen. Now with that said the route last week did involve several turns and that can be tricky but there is never any reason that you should be running in the middle of the road. East Nasty is a very BIG running group and we have to obey the rules of the road so please please please take head of these instructions:

DO NOT run more than 2 people abreast while on the side of the road.

DO NOT run on both sides of the road - stay on one side or the sidewalk at all times.

DO NOT jump in front of cars at intersections - if there is a car coming stop and let the car go.

DO NOT run in the middle of the road ............. EVER

DO NOT come out to run east nasty if you can't follow these rules.

Again I apologize for the repetitiveness of this topic. In all honesty about 225 of you are model citizens out on the road every Wednesday night. There are about 20 - 25 of you however, who just don't pay attention - if you see these people out there running with you then BARK/YELL at them and get them out of the road. We have to police ourselves because if the real police become involved then East Nasty wednesday night runs will come to an end.

Anyway enough of that - we will have reflective vest for sale again before / after the run and the website should be up for shirt orders in the next 24 hours as well. Hope all of you are well and can make it out for the run tonight. It is a fun and fairly flat route so come join us.

One more thing - there were several East  Nasties who were up in Chicago this past weekend for the Chicago Marathon. Lots of East Nasties completed the marathon and many of them were first timers. Be sure to congratulate these awesome runners when you see them tonight as they represented East Nasty very well in the windy city. Quite an accomplishment for sure and all the more reason to head to 3 crow after the run and celebrate these legends we have running among us.

East Nasty For Life


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