September 21st - 2011

Hello East Nasty  - great job last week on staying out of the roads. We had a big turnout for the run downtown however, everyone stayed on the side of the roads and stopped at the intersections .... good work. This week we are running route #6 "riverside" which will take us down and out of the north side of shelby park. Please take a look at the route down on the right side of the page and learn it. We always need pace leaders and guides out there to keep our numbers out of the middle of the road and on the right path.  

Darkness !!!  - Reflective Gear

Starting tomorrow you will need to wear reflective gear out for the Wednesday night runs. It is getting dark a little before 7:00 now and we will need to be visible to the cars out on the road. If you already have your own reflective gear that is great ... make sure you wear it tomorrow night. If you do not have anything of your own bring some money with you tomorrow as we will be selling some reflective vest before and after the run. A reflective vest is one of the best things you can wear at night when running. They are very easy to see and you can wear them over pretty much anything you normally wear on your runs. We will have some Brooks reflective vest on sale for $15 (normally $25) and we will have some Nathan's vest on sale for $20 ( normally $30).  We should have plenty available if you are interested in buying one but they will be sold on a first come first serve basis. East Nasty is a very big group of runners and safety is our #1 concern so again EVERYONE will be required to wear some kind of reflective gear starting tomorrow night.


Thought of the week

If you have not joined your fellow East Nasties down at 3 crow bar following the run - now is the time to do so. Here lately the weather has been perfect after the run for hanging outside on the back deck.  So its time for you to bring some dry clothes to wear for after the run and come down the hill to 3 crow and hangout. It really is the best way to get to know some of the faces you run with every week. Plus rumor has it that the coveted " East Nasty of the week " write ups are going to be making a return to the blog soon so if you want to be in the running for that honor then we will need to see you down at 3 crow. Hope all of you are well and can join us tomorrow night for 4.5 miles of total running ecstasy.



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