September 14th - 2011

Hello East Nasty - nice work last Wednesday night on the run. We had another big turnout and for the most part everyone did a great job of staying out of the road. The reason we are so strict about staying out of the road is for several reasons. First of all we have been told by the police that we have to obey the rules of the road. We are a very large group and we can not take over the streets and force cars to stop. Most importantly though is the safety of our runners. We have to be aware of the cars and traffic around us and we have to stop at intersections and let cars go when needed. All it takes is one person to jump out into traffic and people behind them are going to follow - so again stay out of the middle of the road, listen to your pace leaders, and stop at intersections to check for traffic. This week we are running an East Nasty favorite - (route #5 - walking bridge) - We will be taking our group into downtown Nashville for a little more than 4 miles of joy and running. Please scroll down on the bottom right side of this page and review the route so you know where we are running. We will need some volunteers to be a pace leaders and it would be great if people would come up at the start and ask Mark or myself if they can lead a group.  

Mayor Karl Deans 5k training and race

Many of you will remember that back in the spring we joined the Mayor for part of his walk 100 miles campaign. It was a very big success across Nashville and the mayor is now starting the next phase of his get healthy initiative. The Mayor will be having a free 5k walk/run training across our city for anyone interested in participating. The Mayor will then be hosting a free 5k race in downtown Nashville on November 13th at 2:00 P.M. This is a great program for our city and the Mayor's office is looking for both volunteers and participants. There are locations all over the city where you can meet and run/train with others for the 5k race. Please visit the website to get more information or sign up for the challenge. You can also visit them on facebook. One special incentive that they are offering is they are giving away a gift card for a free pair of  running shoes every Tuesday night and Saturday morning at one of the 4 main training locations.


Thought of the week

This is just more news really than it is any "thought". The powers that drive East Nasty had a meeting this past weekend. Did you know that East Nasty has a board of directors ? Well it's true - we do. Anyway many things were discussed and there are some exciting things coming our way in the future. Some of them include: new east nasty shirts  and a new way to place your order, 2 new routes to bring us back to 12 separate routes, discounted reflective running gear for sale on Wednesday nights, East Nasty Christmas party's new location, and so on ------ exciting times are always ahead when you are a part of East Nasty.


Hope to see you out there tomorrow night  ............ ENFL  !!!!