Wednesday, March 30th - 2011

The route... Last week was the nasty (run #12), so you may think that we are cycling back to Run #1...but no.  In an attempt to avoid traffic conflicts, we are analyzing all 12 routes and changing/eliminating some of them...starting with Run #1.  (We are trying to avoid crossing Eastland...)

So we are going to jump forward to run #2, which takes us into Shelby Park.  Take a moment to check out the map, this one is fairly easy. Like always though we will need some volunteers to help pace the groups so come out there ready to lead.

Thought of the week

So not really much to report this week. Its getting close to crunch time for those training for the country music marathon or 1/2 marathon. Being in the running/shoe business this is always the time of year when injuries start to be more frequent. People are out there doing some of the longest runs they have done all year or maybe even their whole life and your body does not always agree with what your doing. I have told people many many times that your body is actually designed for long distance running but, that does not mean you can go for a 10 mile run and not feel it somewhere. There are many things out there that make running easier or more enjoyable like a new pair of running shoes. But again, if you run for anytime really over an hour you can expect to feel it the next day. The main reason I mention that is this: - As you run more and more your body will certainly get acclimated to that but it does take a while. If this is your first marathon or 1/2 marathon then you need to be ready for some soreness and discomfort along the way. The main thing to watch out for is sharp and direct pain in a very specific place. If you ever have something like that occur then you should not continue to run on something like that and may need to either take some time off or see a physical therapist / doctor. So as a brief recap - soreness is normal and to be expected - pain is something that should be taken seriously and a doctor 's attention may be necessary.

Hope to see everyone tomorrow - East Nasty for Life !!!!