Sunday - March 27. 1/2 Marathon Training

!!!!!!!!Time Change!!!!!!!!

As I picked up the completely empty gatorade cooler last Sunday, I asked some folks: "should we start at 8am from now on??"  and received a resounding "yes!"  (Especially since next week is our longest run to date)  Well, you have been heard!

For the rest of our training, we are moving our Sunday morning start time to 8a.m.

So while we might not be worried about heat this Sunday, the 8 am start will get us finished an hour earlier, and get us over to Scott Piper's amazing brunch extravaganza !

The Runs - Sunday March 27

Advanced: 15 miles.  Run the course through mile 12, run up James Robertson and back to Centennial Park via Church street.

Intermediate: 12 miles.  Run the course through mile 9ish.  Head straight across the round-about, turn left on West End - and then add one loop of Centennial Park to make 12 miles.

Novice: 11 miles.  Follow the intermediate route without adding the loop of Centennial Park.

This is just going to be a steady long run, no fast finish.  So run about 1:30 to 2:30 minutes slower per mile than your 3 mile time trial.

Remember to print out a map of the course if you are prone to getting lost!


We are totally out of men's East Nasty shirts.  But there are some ladies still available.  If you would like an East Nasty shirt, see Drew on Sunday or Wednesday.