Jan. 5th, Run #1

Hey folks, it’s Drew. In an effort to take some of the load off of Mark Miller I have agreed to take over some of the blog duties and keep everyone in the know. So here we go -  

Training Programs

First of all let’s talk about our current training programs that are already underway. We had over 100 people at the 1/2 marathon group on Sunday morning and we also had over 100 people at the Couch to 5k group on Monday night. It is safe to say that East Nasty if off to a big start in the New Year. If you were unable to attend either group, that is not a problem. Both groups are open to anyone and everyone whenever you are able to join us. Please see the tabs above if you have any specific questions about either of our training groups.


East Nasty Training Logs

The training logs that were made by our very own Ian White and Sara Spencer will be on sale tomorrow night at the Wednesday night run so be sure to bring a check or some extra cash with you if you would like to by one. They are $10 each.


East Nasty Hoodies

Tomorrow night will also be the last night for you to pick up your hooded sweatshirt if you ordered one. We still have some that ordered one and have not picked it up. Several people who did not order one would like to buy a hoodie, SO after tomorrow night they will be sold on a first come first serve basis to the general public.


This week we return to route #1 - please scroll down the right and check out the route in order to familiarize yourself with it. We are always looking for volunteers to lead one of the pace groups and you obviously will need to know where you are going.



Thought of the week:

As many of you know I work at Fleet Feet Sports in Brentwood. There are many things that I enjoy about my job but what I probably like the most is that I get to talk to runners all day long. You certainly learn things when you meet runners of various ages and levels of experience every day. What I have  learned the most from meeting all these people is this: If you are healthy enough to be able to meet up with some of your friends on a Wednesday night and go for a three to five mile run - be THANKFUL for it. There are many people that cannot run for a variety of reasons. I think that running is the best form of exercise there is and we are very lucky to be able to enjoy it together.


East Nasty For Life --- yahhhhhhhh!








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