Welcome to 2011


Here are a couple of last minute reminders as we enter into the new year.

1) 1/2 Marathon Training begins January 2! This week we are meeting in Shelby Park in the parking lot near the nature center.  9 a.m.  Here is the training program.  Take a moment to look it over to see if you have any questions.

Just to clarify: our Sunday runs are organized, the Thursday interval sessions are on your own.  If you want a little more structure for your interval training, join Drew and I at Fleet Feet's Winter Speed Sessions.  Winter speed will not start until February 15th, so more details will come soon -

2) Our training logs are in...almost. Our 2011 training log looks awesome!   It's going to be a great way to record your running story (because that's what it is...just part of your story) as we travel through this year.  They'll be $10, and I'll have one to show off this Sunday.   Bottom line: don't buy some generic training log!  Ours will be available very soon.

3) Resolution to King. Do you have friends who are nervous to try running?  Or they think that they might embarrass themselves? Do those statements describe you?  Well our couch-to-5k program begins this Monday, and it is a great way to introduce yourself to the wide world of distance running. Currently there are 64 people signed up!   So encourage your friends to join - or show up yourself and become a running mentor.  6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

4) Resolutions Any good ones?  I am going to try and do yoga twice a week.  We were given a Tara Stiles DVD, and even her easy stuff is crazy hard.  She basically folds herself in half... So it's going to be a long haul for me considering that I am the least flexible person in the world.  So leave a comment, and let us know what your resolutions are!

Happy New Year.