December 15

It's that time of year again...

This Wednesday, December 15th is our annual Christmas Party, and we've had a little change of plans, so read on!

Below you'll see  why we had to move the party!

Lee Wilson, our original Christmas Party host, had a pretty spectacular skiing accident while he was out in Oregon.  Lee, our thoughts and prayers are with you!  We want to see you back on the roads soon, and you need to stick to running!

So the party has moved.  At our regular 6 pm meeting time, we'll start the night with a 3.2 mile run past the Griswold's.  (Every year we try and run past the most obnoxious beautiful display of Christmas lights in East Nashville.  This year's winners are on W. Eastland.  Note: this run is not one of the original 12.  Check out this route before we run.)

After the run we will head over to Stacy Andrick's house.  Stacy lives at 603 North 16th Street.  We'll actually pass her house on the run.  At the party, we'll provide the soup, sides and desserts, you provide your own bowl, spoon and something to drink. Everyone is invited, even if this is your first time joining us!   And if the weather is too cold for you to run...I understand, just come on over to Stacy's house at about 7.


The hoodies are in!  Bring $25 on Wednesday, or a check made out to...(get this)... East Nasty Running Club!  What??  you heard me!  More exciting details later...  Also at the Christmas Party, Drew Jones is going to have some older shirts available for sale.