december 8

1/2 Marathon Training... I wanted to start with a reminder that our 1/2 marathon training meeting is this Sunday, December 12 at the Margaret Maddox YMCA.  9 a.m.  Be prepared for a short run, some brunch and a quick 15 minute meeting.   This program is free...a gift from East Nasty to our community.

Christmas Party, December 15

After our run on Wednesday the 15th, we will have our third annual East Nasty Christmas Party.  We are going to do things a little different this year.  It will be BYOBS . Bring your own bowl & spoon.  Why?  Well, I have no idea how much trash a single Christmas Party produces (I'm sure John could tell us), but it's way too much.   And there are probably thousands of Christmas Parties going on every day for the next month.  So we are going to try and be a little friendlier to the environment by bringing our own dishes!  (Along with dishes, please grab something to drink: cider, beer, wine, etc...)

Everyone is invited, especially if you are a new.  This is a good time to become acquainted with your fellow nasties.

Speaking of the environment...

Going away from disposable cups has been a great decision, but that means that we all have a little bit more responsibility.  We used to throw away hundreds of cups every week, so we now have plastic cups...but they need to be cleaned.  And right now, we need some more folks to sign up to wash the cups.  It's easy:  take the cups home on a Wednesday night, wash them, bring them back the next Wednesday.  Simple.  Please email Leigh Ann if you are willing to help out!


This week's run (#10)  takes us past the family wash (you should go see their Charlie Brown Christmas performances next week), down Chapel to Benjamin, back on 14th and up the Holly Street hill!  (That's the way to end a run!)