Wednesday March 25th…Time for NASTY!!!!!!

The Run

Well folks, it has been since October 7th, 2009 since we have run this ultra hilly 6 mile course. Route #12, “NASTY”, is not for the faint of heart as it takes you up and down several hills, including one that could easily be mistaken for a 100 foot wall.

Now some of you may be dreading this week, but I do not see why. This is what we have been training for people. We should now be able to look at a six mile course designed by the sinister Mark Miller and say, why don’t you bring on a “real” challenge, good sir. I know that former ENOW Will Arnold could not be any more excited about this route, he even called me today just to confirm that we were running it.

It is suppose to be great weather this Wednesday, so what better time than now to conquer this beast.

Don’t worry though, if you’re a new runner or just not feeling it this week, there’s a 3.8 mile option, known simply as “nasty light.”

6:00 pm Wednesdays at 11th and Holly. BE THERE PEOPLE!

Rod Jones

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