Sunday March 28

Sunday, we are back on the actual 1/2 marathon course.  We start at 9 a.m. in Centennial Park.  We'll have fluids for everybody, but since we are running our longest run thus far, you may want to bring a gel pack. Novice: 11 miles.  Run the course all the way back to Musica.  When you get to the roundabout (for the second time) go straight - turn left on West End.  And follow that back to Centennial.

Intermediate:  13 miles.  Follow the course through the gulch all the way to Charlotte.  Turn left on Charlotte, then turn left on 25th to take you into Centennial.

Advanced: 15 miles.  Follow the same course as the intermediate runners, then add two loops of Centennial.

Remember, your long runs should be conversational.  And since this is our longest run yet, be sure to start out conservatively and then build your speed slowly as the run progresses.  Your pace should be 1:30-2:30 minutes slower than your 3 mile time trial pace.  So if you ran 8 minute pace.  You should probably start your run at about 10:30 pace, settle into the run with 10:00 miles, and try to finish at 9:30.

Note: This last mile of this run is hard, so be prepared for the long slow grind up Charlotte...

See you Sunday!